Finding Your Flow and Destiny

Engineer Your Energy

Clarity Coaching for Career & Life Burnout

Reduce Burnout, Increase Vitality and Rediscover Joy from 9-5 and Beyond!

The Kismet Consulting philosophy 

Flow is what you feel when your actions & truth align.

There are 3 keys to experiencing life the way it is meant to be lived: Joy, Connection, & Vitality. Clarity Coaching allows you to explore your passions, identify your values, & create a plan to achieve your goals in a joyful way. Acting within your truth is experiencing flow, which leads to kismet - your destiny.

Are You Experiencing Burnout?


You feel you barely have the energy for day-to-day life including work and/or running your household, and there is not enough left over to take care of your own needs.


You don’t sleep well because stress makes your mind race, or you get a case of the “Sunday scaries” thinking about Monday morning and another busy work week.


Your body is starting to give you signals (headaches, digestive issues, etc) that it’s getting worn out and you need to make a change before your health declines further.

If you said yes to any of these symptoms, you might be experiencing burnout!


Rise & Shine

A Clarity Coaching Program
from Kismet Consulting

From Burnout to Living Life

Community and Support at Kismet
Hi I'm Karen, Founder of Kismet Consulting!
Welcome to my heart-centered business! I am passionate about creating space for people to connect, find joy, and increase their vitality, and I love to apply my gift of empathy towards being a cheerleader for others. I am a professional engineer and project manager who has suffered from career burnout, and I can use my experience, training, and emotional intelligence to guide you from exhaustion to energy! if this resonates with you, get in touch and let’s chat!

Unlock Your Authentic Potential

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Kismet Consulting
Frequently Asked Questions

Clarity Coaching is a space for you to tune out the noise & clearly tune into what sparks joy in your life. a number of tools and modalities are available to help you get crystal clear on your goals to manifest a life filled with abundant energy and purpose. Karen is a certified soul purpose coach and she will combine this education with her life experiences to help you engineer a life that you love

Our Clarity Coaching is for anyone who is feeling burned out in their career and life and knows there’s something more.


  • If you’re a professional who has spent your whole career striving to build a strong resume without stopping to give thought to whether you actually feel fulfilled while doing the work, this is for you. 
  • If you are a person who has spent their life doing whatever had to be done to support your family and without stopping to think of what makes you happy, this is for you. I provide a safe space for everyone (including men) to explore their dreams and feel their feelings with no bullshit and without an ounce of judgement.
  • If you’re in an organization that has gone through many changes and the constantly shifting landscape is making you feel exhausted, this is for you.
  • If you are a person getting close to middle age who knows they are meant for something more than just the 9 to 5 – more joy, more purpose, more vitality – this is for you.
  • If you are a woman who has worked in STEM fields and are looking for a deeper connection to your feminine side while finding your passion and purpose, this is for you.

Both! If you are a Whitehorse local like myself, I am happy to work together in person. Virtual sessions are always welcome, no matter where you live! If you are looking for a group workshop, I am happy to travel to you. 

No! Burnout may be a symptom that you’re not managing your stress properly (both at work and in life), which could be taking its toll on your health and energy. Kismet Consulting will use the “Engineer Your Energy” method to assess how you’re spending your days and provide tools to start making shifts to take better care of yourself, without leaving your current job. If you’re looking to change careers and move into something that brings you more joy and purpose, we are specifically trained help with that and would be delighted to support you on that journey as well!

Each session provides space for you to dive deep into where your energy goes, what your dreams are, and how Kismet can help you go from burned out to blissed out. These sessions are all about you! We set concrete goals so that we have a road map to get your from “here” to “there”, and we draw out your insights to design the life you want in your own terms. Please note that, while Karen is an empathic and caring coach, she is also no bullshit and will tell you the truth in a loving and kind way. These sessions are not about providing advice or coddling you to feel better, they’re about truth, honesty, and finding REAL solutions to your burnout issues. You will have to do the work, but Kismet will be there to support you every step of the way! 


1 on 1 coaching sessions are 1 hour. 

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