BCWWA Keynote Presentation: Engineer Your Energy from 9-5 and Beyond!

BC Water and Wastewater Association Conference, October 18-19, 2023

This conference is being held for the first time in Whitehorse since 2019. It’s been great to see everyone! I’m honoured to have been asked to give the keynote address regarding burnout to a room of my peers. I have recorded a Loom video of the presentation for those who could not attend; hit the button below and it will take you to the recording. The video is ~ 30 mins long. 

Why Is This Important?

This opportunity was incredibly important to me because I want to teach self-care and self-compassion to other STEM (Science, Technical, Engineering and Math) professionals, but I also want to teach men (who comprised the majority of the audience) to learn how to have compassion for themselves. This was an excellent opportunity and forum to do that! I saw a lot of my former colleagues in the audience who I know work extremely hard at ensuring the city of Whitehorse has clean drinking water and their wastewater is treated. 

Additional Resources

I wanted to provide a list of reading materials if people were interested in learning more about burnout or self-compassion. I will update this later tonight but for now I must get back to the conference! 🙂

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