Rise & Shine

A Clarity Coaching Program
from Kismet Consulting
From the Ashes, We Rise & Shine

The Coaching Program to Beat Burnout, from 9-5 and Beyond

The Rise & Shine Program is a coaching container that guides professionals who are buried under burnout exhaustion to rise with vitality and shine with joy & purpose.
● You're sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.
● Your work/life balance is far from balanced.
● Your work and home life have been suffering due to exhaustion and illness.
● You feel you’re just going through the motions at work and your "heart isn't in it."
● You feel stuck, under-appreciated and unrecognized in your career and life.
● You are a "weekend warrior" who either lives for the weekend or is recovering from it, without much joy in between.
● Your people-pleasing and perfectionist ways are starting to take their toll on your energy, health, and productivity.
● You’ve built the perfect resume but never stopped to determine if you really like your work.
● You find yourself engaging in numbing behaviors (scrolling, TV, food, addictions) to alleviate your stress.
● You aren’t sharing your authenticity and talents with the world.
● You feel siloed in your experience, and you could use an objective sounding board from someone who’s been through it before.
● You’re ready to feel happy and optimistic again.

You will engineer your energy to beat burnout & reclaim your joy, vitality, and resilience.

You will go from Exhausted to Enlivened!

Rise & Shine was Designed for You if you desire:
● Invigoration and increased energy at work and beyond.
● Confidence that you are doing great work AND taking care of yourself.
● Prioritization of your own needs.
● Support from another professional who has walked a similar path.
● Definition for what work/life balance means to you and how you stay aligned with it.
● A path to approaching life with self-compassion.
● Tools to set solid boundaries in kindness.
● Clarity regarding what brings you joy & how to call more of that into your life.
● The ability to ask for what you want and know that you're worthy of receiving it.
● More time to spend with your family and do the things you love.
● Resilience to help weather storms and manage change at work.
● A “mission statement” to manifest the life you want like a BOSS!

Imagine with me, for a moment:

You show up at work with renewed magnetism & energy.

You are setting boundaries, taking care of your needs each day, and asking for exactly what you want and know you deserve. It’s a new, shinier you and you have a new magnetism and energy that people can sense.

You are no longer a weekend warrior & every day is fulfilling.

You don’t need to live for the weekends because every day has joy in it, now that you know where to look. You make sure that you do special things for yourself each day which makes you appreciate every day equally, even Mondays!

You are connected, compassionate, & authentically you.

You’ve kicked people-pleasing, isolation, perfectionism, and low self-worth to the curb, and you are now your wild, weird and wonderful self, 24-7. Because you take care of YOU and prioritize what makes you happy, you are doing better work than you ever did before, and with more joy. Win-win!

Your written life’s mission statement acts as your north star.

Exploring what lights you up has allowed you to unearth talents and dreams that had been buried by grind culture. By dusting them off and shining them up, you start calling more joy, purpose, and passion into your life. You’re manifesting the life that you were put on this earth to live and it feels amazing!

What to Expect:

Rise & Shine is a 3-month coaching container
that consists of six, biweekly, hour-long sessions
  • Session 1 - Explore

    Here is where we get to know one another and gain clarity on your vision, goals, and what caused your burnout. What are you hoping to get out of this program? What would your ideal job look like? We will use several tools to gain a deeper understanding of who you are and what brought you here.

  • Session 2 - Evaluate

    During this session, we work to identify what is sapping your energy and keeping you exhausted and burned out. Are you fully present in your life? How do you spend your leisure time? Do you know how to listen to the signals of your body? The goal of this session is to identify your energetic drains and bursts.

  • Session 3 - Engineer

    We now take the outcomes from Session 2 and apply tools and practices to engineer an aligned career and life. We assess how you can make small shifts each day to reach for more joy and vitality, and how you can take better care of yourself.

  • Session 4 – Expand

    This session is where we create your “uniquely you” mission statement. Building on the priorities and values identified in Session 1 and expanding the outcome of the energy evaluation, we apply a wider lens to create a big-picture plan for you. This personal mission statement will act as a “north star” to align you to a more purposeful and balanced life, whether that’s in your current job or in a new, expanded career.

  • Session 5 - Energize

    This session is all about assessing which tools worked to engineer your energy and which ones didn’t. Similar to SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound) goals, evaluating the successes on the journey can increase your chance of burnout prevention in the future. We will also focus on JOY and how to cultivate it in your everyday life to supercharge your energy and build resilience.

  • Session 6 - Excel

    Here is where we take what resonated for you in the program to guide your journey after our sessions. Recovering from burnout is a marathon, not a sprint, so you must have a plan to continue to RISE with renewed health, inner peace, self-compassion, and evolution. We will tailor your rise journey so you know how to keep shining your brightest and become the most aligned, balanced, and joyous version of yourself, from 9-5 and beyond.

with the Rise & Shine clarity coaching program to beat burnout near whitehorse, Yukon

Plus Master Bonuses

Balancing Work and Joyful Living

Rising Resilience Toolkit

Resilience, defined as toughness or “the capacity to withstand or to recover quickly from difficulties”, is essentially the anti-burnout workout. Building resilience is like training your muscles at the gym for strength, but in this case, you’ll be increasing the fitness of your mind and emotions to better withstand future storms at work and in life. This toolkit provides practical ways for you to rise resiliently.

Balancing Work and Joyful Living

Self-Compassion Workshop

Self-compassion is a key component in self-care and long-term burnout recovery and is truly a game-changer. It’s so important that it warrants a separate workshop so we really have time to dig in. After a lifetime of perfectionism, many professionals need to be kinder to themselves and this workshop will show you how to speak to yourself like you would speak to a dear friend. Watch your life change with compassion.

Rise & Shine

The Rise and Shine program is for the professional who’s ready to reclaim their energy and cultivate a more intentional, meaningful, & purpose-led career.

Are you ready to…

meet your yukon based life coach

Hi! I’m Karen.

You will engineer your energy to beat burnout and reclaim your joy, vitality, and resilience.
Certified Soul Purpose Coach at Kismet
I am a civil engineer and project management professional who has experienced career burnout myself. After years of striving to build a solid resume, my health problems and exhaustion helped me to realize that I was just “going through the motions” in a career that once brought me happiness and fulfilment. How could this be? I started thinking that there must be something more than just going to work 9-5, then coming home and sitting in front of the TV only to wake up and do it again.

I lived for the weekends! My whole week was preparing for and recovering from the weekend, while the weekend itself zoomed by in the blink of an eye. It was exhausting, and I knew that my talents (including emotional intelligence, social empathy, and ability to connect with people) were being wasted, as was the little energy I had.

After a lot of self-reflection, I realized that I had put all my energy into my career and trying to prove myself and I never stopped to think about what actually made me happy. I began to desire a connected, joyous, and purposeful life so I trained in mindful self-compassion and as a certified spiritual life coach.

Coaching other professionals through their burnout brings me fulfillment and is my passion, while engineering and technical work have become a hobby. Ironically, because I am prioritizing my needs and using my talents, I have become a better engineer as well. Win-win! Burnout was the wakeup call I needed to start building the life of my dreams and I am so grateful!
Rise & Shine clarity coaching program in whitehorse, yukon: in person & online

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Rise and Shine Investment includes the following:

6×1-hour coaching sessions, one-on-one. These will be offered in person in Whitehorse, or via video conference. A link to the recorded session will be provided next day.

Next-day email support during the three-month container, including a notes recap from our sessions as well as a 24-hour turnaround response to questions about program logistics.

Evaluation quizzes, worksheets, and journaling prompts – these will enable deeper reflection, inspire you to take action, and possibly uncover information that can lead to personal breakthroughs.

BONUS! “Rising Resilience” Toolkit

BONUS! Self-Compassion Workshop

Yes, we do! You can pay in full to receive a discount, or you can pay in 2 or 3 installments. Additional details on these plans can be shared with those who reserve a program walk-through to learn more.

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No, we do not offer refunds. Please book a discovery call so we can meet and you can ask questions about the program before we decide if we are a good fit for a coaching relationship.

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